Kinesiology Tape Muscle Pain Relief Injury Recovery Therapy Support Knee Shoulder Ankle Elbow Shin Neck Elastic Breathable Waterproof Adhesive Therapeutic Tape 16’x2″ Uncut Roll


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Are you looking for the right support and protection in your athletic activities?

Or are you looking to relieve your body from sport’s associated pain and discomfort?

Look no further, you got the perfect solution for you

Introducing Yogu Pro Kinesiology Sports Tape

Whether you’re an elite athlete, a beginner or a workout enthusiast, this therapeutic Sports Tape is thoughtfully engineered to protect you from common sports injuries, help reduce tension or pressure on tissues, alleviate pain and discomfort, stimulate blood circulation, enhance joints mobility and provide you with the right support and stability to help you perform at the top of your ability.

Provides Pain and Discomfort Relief For:

✔ Neck strains

✔ Shoulder pain

✔ Shin Splints

✔ Back Pain

✔ Carpal tunnel

✔ Tennis elbow

✔ Achilles

✔ Runners’ knee

✔ Hamstring strain

✔ Quads

✔ Ankle Sprains

✔ Wrist pain

✔ Calf strains

✔ And much more

Perfect for physically demanding athletic activities such as Weight Lifting, Running, Swimming, CrossFit, Tennis, Yoga, Soccer, Cycling, Golf, Hiking, and Much More

Applies Anywhere in Seconds and Stays in Place for Days

Effortlessly apply the tape where you need it for smooth all-day comfortable and gentle support

The synthetic water resistance, moisture wicking, and humidity resistance fabric ensure that the tape stays in place even when soaked in sweat after workouts or stays in place even when you are soaking in sweat after a workout, or wet after swimming.

The tape is latex-free, hypoallergenic. Suitable for all skin types.

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