Getting Prepare for Surgery Seminar



Hello ladies we are having a GETTING PREPARE SURGERY SEMINAR , We will be teaching everyone everything what you need to get the right BBL, Tummy Tuck , Breast , Lipo , The main Topics will be

💕Getting your hemo up and what to take
💕What supplies you need
💕How to pick the right doctor
💕Getting the right recovery home
💕Getting the right private care
💕After care maintenance
💕Pick the right massage therapist
💕How to get fitted for the right faja
💕Learn to get BMI Down
💕How to prepare for surgery
💕Discounts on Recovery Home
💕Discount on Body By Maggie Store
Will be serving appetizers and Unlimited Mimosas if you would like to attend Contact Maggie at (954)758-3479 or email


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