Tummy Tuck & BBL Luxury Box




Include: Luxury Bag


1.Bonnett, collagen pills, arnica tea,eyelashes magnetic, Floradix , beet powder, arnica oil, hibiclens soap, cbd oil, cbd cream, melatonin, ubrenal , 360 ab Board, 3 foams, bbl pillow, 5 disposal thong, tiger balm, cough drops, Robe, tooth brush, antibacterial wipes, 3 IV hydration packets, 3 Pedialyte powder packets, 1 clear fast , 20 bed pads, poise pads, hydration spray for face and body , scar oil, Tylenol muscle, Tylenol pm , 250 mg cbd gummies , saline laxative , 3 Tampax, Antiobiotic Ointment, Alcohol pads, Gauze 4×4, Belly Button Shaper, Surgical Tape, 4 ensure, Glass Bottle, Peroxide Spray


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