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Body By Maggie is a beauty and body home-based spa located in Miami and Hollywood FL. We provide result treatments with the state of the art technology to bring you total wellness of mind and body. We have a combination of services options that will perfectly transform your body and lifestyle. Our first-class service includes today’s most advanced technology that is pain-free, non-invasive procedures. Our staff is highly trained and privacy is assured. Body of Maggie provides you with utmost attention, courtesy, and level of service. View our website to see how we can create that Body By Maggie

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Weightloss Kit


Surgery Supplies


Luxury bbl bag & BBL Sofa chair & Stage 2 Faja


The BBL Inflatable Chair is the perfect solution to help you relax after a BBL surgery. Designed with comfort in mind, this inflatable chair adapts to the shape of your body and provides you with soothing support after surgery. It also allows you to get up without straining your back or shoulder muscles


fajas colombianas shapewear

Maxi & Mini Party Dresses

Jumpsuits & Rompers


Waist Trainers

SPA Treatments

Body Wax

We guarantee the use of the best product in the skin care market to ensure the best results in the treatment you are choosing.

Body Wrap

At MLC Spa we create an ideal place for your body, focusing on the reduction of measures using non-invasive methods and cutting-edge techniques with firming, modeling and reductive therapies.

Wood Therapy

Our Wood Therapy traetment is a deep tissue massage which involves using sculptured wooden instruments to improve the body's size and proportions.

Virginal Steaming

Yoni steaming, also known as vaginal steaming, is an alternative therapy that directs steam from a hot herbal tea mixture onto the vaginal area. It helps in regulating the menstrual cycle; significantly reducing the pain, bloating and exhaustion associated with menstruation.


Facials are not an extravagance, in fact a monthly facial is necessary maintenance to keep skin clear, firm and to plump the face. The therapies are customizable to your skin type and needs, help clearing out congested pores, lift and tone sagging skin, brighten some dullness.


Body Sculpting uses advanced cooling technology to target and eliminate fat cells. and totally non-invasive body contouring procedure that reduces fat in targeted areas of your body, providing noticeable and natural looking results.

Coaching & Consulting

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