Booty butt tea Maca



Tighten sagging hip
The natural plant-based tea can provide a variety of nutrients to promote hip lifting.
Increase hips size and tighten sagging hip. Reshape good looking & beautiful hip for you.

Benefits of Booty Maca Tea

1. Aid in the butt and hip enhancement.
2. Helps to balance feminine hormones.
3. Build a well-good curvy physique in women.

* Massage a small drop of the Serum on the skin for 40-50 seconds until the oil is fully absorbed.
* For best result, apply 2 times daily consecutively for 8 months.
* For bigger, rounder, fuller buttocks combine with Ultimate Maca Pills and Cream.
Hip butt tea boosts estrogen and helps fat accumulate in the butt and hip area,
giving you a bigger, rounder, curvier looks .
This herbal formula gradually exerts their characterics, so as to gradually have an
hourglass-shaped figure
Will not cause weight gain
Increase the size of your butt without weight gain. stimulates fat cells in butt, hips and
thighs in women of all shapes and sizes,visible changes to the naked eye


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