Contains boric acid ingredients,Gently cleanse and soothe women intimate area,Helping to maintain a natural pH balance,Moisturize
and refresh the intimate

1. Daily care, Moisten the private parts and balance the PH value of the private parts.
2. Before or after sex life Prevent gynecological diseases and strengthen protection.
3. Menstrual period~antibacterial and bacteriostatic, assist improvement.
4. Menstrual period~remove odors, clean, care and prevent infection.
5. Weak acid formula, bacteriostasis, odor removal, itching.

6. Pregnancy period~relieve itching, remove odor, protect health.
Wet the pubic area before use, take proper amount of this product, smear on the pubic area gently, rub and wash, and work for 2-3 minutes rinse with clean water.
100% medical boric acid, Purslane, angelica, grapefruit, wormwood leaf, gardenia essential oil, mint alcohol, olive leaf, amino acid, borneol


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